September 21, 2023

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How To Prepare for Tax Season

As tax time rolls around, many people start stressing about filing their taxes. Some people will wait until the last minute, while others might file early to get it over with. Whatever approach you take, you need to know how to prepare for tax season.

Gather Your Forms

Almost everyone gets a tax form from their employer. If you own a business or work as a freelancer, you might get tax forms from your clients. If you have any investment income from a savings account or a retirement account, you might also get a form for that. As your forms come in, keep them in one place so that you can find them when you file your taxes. You can even scan your documents and store them in the cloud.

Set Aside Time

Whether you plan to file your taxes online or with an accountant, dedicate time to fill out any forms you need. If you want to work with an accountant, you can find one through the UCPAA. While an accountant can save you time, you’ll still need to have time to get your information to them.

While you may want to rush through your taxes to be done with them, avoid the temptation. When you get a tax form from an employer or bank, keep it safe. Once you have everything you need, give yourself enough time to go through everything so that you can file your taxes properly.