April 21, 2024

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Forex Autopilot System – This is the Reason Why 95% of Forex Traders Fail

Who wouldn’t love the idea of a Forex Autopilot System? After all, all the work is being done for you. What’s not to like? While your going to the supermarket it’s making you money. While you’re at the movies, it’s making you money. While you’re at the beach, its making you money. While you’re at…. well, you get the idea. See if you can spot what’s wrong with this picture.

Give up. Ok, I’ll tell you. There is no way a robot can trade for you successfully! Think about how intricate the forex market is. How many financial, political, and economic news comes out every single day. Do you really think that a robot can quantify all the news that happens on a daily basis. If 95% of traders, who have the ability of cognitive thought can’t get it right, then I think a trading robot is going to struggle.

The truth is there are successful forex autopilot systems out these. You can see one when you look right in the mirror. The people who are truly successful in the markets are for a lack of better word a robot.

They understand the actual price movement of currencies that they don’t actually need the bells and whistles that we see nowadays. They are like a trading machine that can quantify the probabilities of future price movement faster than any computer. The automation really starts when you can see that price patterns are often duplicated on a trading chart.. Once you see this, you can be able to predict future prices. That’s as simple and as automatic as it will ever get.