July 18, 2024

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Consider the sources, agenda of news organizations

Letter to the Editor

Letter to the Editor

The headlines study: “Itinerant preacher vandalizes mega church in broad daylight!”

This is the report: “Witnesses report that transactions at the International Currency Trade Annex at the Temple Mount in midtown Jerusalem ended up interrupted by an unfamiliar protester who indiscriminately employed bodily power to disrupt small business and knocked around household furniture, triggering a spontaneous redistribution of prosperity and a run on livestock futures.”

Having place in the course of one of the busiest months on the spiritual calendar, the story went on to point out that the suspect was questioned immediately after the episode and gave a disturbing reaction that suggested further hurt to the residence was imminent.

The short article went on to say, “A homeless rabbi, Jesus, a Galilean from Nazareth, has caught the interest of nationwide and spiritual security experts. The unemployed carpenter will now be carefully monitored for a variety of motives. Temple staff report that right after some renovation the kiosk will reopen for company as standard.”

Is that not how the contemporary media would twist this historic function? Although God is omnipresent, this form of reporting is just all above the board and there is no close to the tales or indicates of manipulating the narrative. It goes without stating that you must never ever consider any report unless you can validate the supply and consider what drives the agenda of any news corporation.

With that remaining explained, I’d choose to evaluation the first-hand account in Scripture. I have confidence in that I will go through things that have never ever been properly noted before. I advise we tune to John 2:13-22 for entire coverage with out the advantage of possessing the information pretwisted for us. You know, with out the peculiarities involved with pseudoreligious evaluation or any geopolitically generated viewpoint.

Timothy La Vigne


This short article at first appeared on The Everyday Telegram: Letter: Think about the sources, agenda of information organizations