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Are contents that can increase your lead generation in 2020?

Content marketing becomes more powerful nowadays. As every company and bloggers have concentrated on content marketing to use for the effective lead generation process. Promotions and navigation ways can focus on the content marketing and are made with the filtration individuals into a registration page to access it and which help to change into the Lead generation. 

Reading is the source that can help you to load your mind with information and helps to become a knowledgeable person. Every millionaire and business peoples spent a minimum of 2 to 3 hours for reading because the more you learn more you grow in your life.   

Content Marketing:

Content marketing consists of creating a product for product or service. This is done by different types, for your target audience to move without problems from the awareness stage to develop a desire for prevention and easy in your lead generation process.

Why Content is more important?

As content is more important because whatever you want to convince your audiences can be done either it makes be a video, blog creation or info graphic.

When people are searching for something’s and your contents can help them to understand with the information and it convert them to lead generation. 

Words are powerful than a sword in real life and depend on the powerful and attractive creation done by your side can reach more and more audience or traffic to your sites.

What type of content can you choose for the B2B Database?

Choosing the content is the biggest task and the Title can make the end-user to realize the information is very useful and informative and which can make more lead generation process.

For the Business related, as like the Bestdataprovider

We can take the updated or updating contents which can make more information or which can change the field. Like content marketing can change the field of digital marketing in 2020 because everyone is started to learn or gathering information through many blogs. Take a deep research on the title which you want to share your information and make a huge analysis on that title or the article because half knowledge is very dangerous.

Take a trending topics related to the database as like some of the keywords,

  • Lead Generation
  • B2B and B2C database
  • Social Media for B2B database

These are the three main keywords for the B2b Database and can help to increase your presales too.

Main three ways are,

  • Blogging
  • Video creation with the content
  • Image creation with the content


A blog is the platform of the discussion (or) provide the information on their website which can help you to generate the audiences and can convert to the lead.

As like Digital Deepak many digital marketers have started there carrier with the help of the blogging. The blog should be 1000 words with at least one info graphic which can explain the article.

For Instance:

We started a blog for digital marketing Akdigihub for an about one year ago our now we get good amount of traffic on your blog where we redirect them to our Digital Marketing Website, so Blogging works well for the business, if you do things rightly.

Blogger is the tool where you can submit the article and can start your freelancing focus on the article for your audience rather than taking lead.

Some of the tips to make your article unique,

  • Interpret the audiences.
  • Get ideas from them
  • Love your being readers
  • Take activity on building an amazing on exhortation
  • Be done in the same way over time.

Video creation with the content can make more attention:

Visualization is essential because a human can observe the visualize a greater on their brain and that’s what video can create lead generation than any another.

Video creation is the one of the best on the lead generation process where the attention of the audiences will be high and the best platform for your videos is YouTube.

Where many You Tuber’s like “Sandeep Maheshwari” is the best You Tuber in the India. The platform is Instagram where the television channels to start a take on it.

Where the connection can be done easily with the end-user. On the 2019 the best platform for the branding is the Instagram where the lead generation can be done at high resolution.

Using the basic tools for the video creation as we are using Lumen5 which is very helpful to create the videos and if you’re well-doing in a professional manner and you can create through adobe premiere pro.

Use the platforms of the free video submission like,

  • YouTube
  • Tumbler
  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • LinkedIn

The video submission sites are very useful to make good traffic to our sites and if you’re using valuable content or the creations sometimes it can make a good result ranking in the Google search list with your social media platform information.

Image creation with the content:

Image is also made interest on the peoples and the trending one is known as Infopreneur which means the person one who creates info graphic and use for the promotion or marketing with the image.


Info graphic is also known as the information with the graphic design of the data or the contents to make the data easily understandable.

Infographics is the best one for the Instagram and Facebook posts and where some of the companies using the Infographic through the influencers where they can reach the end-users more and more. 

By using some of the tools like canva and Photoshop you can create a wonderful Infographic that can help you to promote your business at the huge performance and on the creation you must be very creative to approach the users.


You can use content marketing which can help you to grow your business for the upcoming year 2020. 

Make bloggers also said that content marketing is the best way to reach the customers or audiences and also helps to achieve the presales.

Whether it’s new or established business you can try it. Social media has a huge growth within few years and so, you can reach the high volume of the traffics and lead through the valuable and creative creations.

Author Bio

Promoth Babu is a Digital Marketer working for Arishna Data Communication Pvt Ltd and writing content for Best Data Provider and also takes a step in the Blogging, Graphic Design and he love to learn thinks to update and make valuable skills to his lifeline. He loves to do whatever he learns.

Whatever it is,

Try and if you fail, try again and fail again but don’t quit!