June 20, 2024

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Addressing supply chain shortages with QR code technology

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The effects of supply chain shortages have impacted businesses, especially in the restaurant industry. 

Supply chain shortages vary from the lack of ingredients available in the market, to a lack of workforce in the industry. This dramatically affects restaurant operations since businesses depend on the supply and demand of inventory goods or third-party companies.

According to recent news, there has been an ingredient shortage from white meat, to fruits and even vegetables such as lettuce and potatoes. These ingredient shortages affected the supply and demand of restaurant meals.

So, how can restaurants stabilize their business operations during supply chain shortages?

Tips to manage supply chain shortage in restaurants

Since we cannot predict when or where the next crisis will happen, here are a few tips for restaurateurs to consider in managing supply chain shortages.

  1. Interactive restaurant menu QR code software

There are solutions and software you can use to address the supply chain crisis. One of these solutions includes using an interactive restaurant menu QR code software in a restaurant’s business operations.

An interactive restaurant menu QR code software is an end-to-end service provider. It provides restaurants with a solution that offers streamlined and efficient services to customers using the software’s key features.

Even though consumer demand, labor, and supply shortages have increased, the restaurant industry can surpass these crises using technological breakthroughs like an reliable menu QR code software.

The menu QR code software addresses the labor shortage of a restaurant business. Your restaurant can still run business operations even with less workforce since the software provides a QR code menu  for an easy ordering and paying process.

  1. Digital menu

A digital menu is a helpful tool for restaurateurs to address and manage supply chain shortages. The digital menu offers an easy update platform for restaurateurs to easily edit their menu items if the restaurant’s inventory is lacking supplies.

For instance, you can seamlessly edit the availability of the meal item of your restaurant. You can also recommend other menu items if there is a lack of ingredients, like today’s potato shortage crisis.

Instead of recommending a platter of French fries as a pair for a cheeseburger menu item, your restaurant can use the feature of a digital menu QR code to guide other meal items if there are no available fries for the day.

For example, you can recommend a side of chips to pair with the burger.

  1. Backup suppliers

Although it is hard to look for other suppliers for your restaurant, it is also essential for your business to have another shoulder to lean on during a shortage crisis. 

Having backup suppliers of your inventory will help you run a more stable business. Backup suppliers provide substitutes to the inventory supplies of your restaurant. 

Who knows when your local is running low on tissue papers, right? It is also high time to include substitutes as part of your restaurant’s marketing plan to avoid shortage issues.

Foresight is an important skill in the food and beverage industry. It’s important to always plan for possible shortages and prepare backup suppliers for your establishment.

Final thoughts

Experiencing crisis and supply chain shortages is inevitable in restaurant businesses. It is essential to look for solutions to help your business run efficient and convenient operations. It’s one way to stabilize profits and revenues even during an economic downfall.

Make sure to consider using an interactive restaurant menu QR code software. The menu QR code software provides restaurant businesses with a solution that lets you offer streamlined services to your employees and customers.

It is also high time to consider digital menu QR codes and trust backup suppliers to help you with your restaurant business.

Thus, you can stabilize restaurant business operations using technological breakthroughs to help you surpass some crises and shortages.