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What are the most successful B2B brands?

No company at all will attract the target market like a great story. Brand storytelling refers to campaigns that use creative stories to display product logos. Effective narration of the brand can provide the target audience’s eyes faster and faster to grow the business.

Brand narration is a major part of B2C advertising and marketing content, but is less common in the B2B world. The reason is clear. Rather than selling flashy products to male or female buyers, it is a bit more difficult to emotionally interact with the target audience while selling complex solutions to the company. The business has determined that few customers are likely to buy products from the business due to emotional connections.

List of Successful B2B Brand

1. HP                                                          

HP stands for hewlett packard. The HP The Wolf video addresses a topic in which printer security seems dry and boring. But this short film is very attractive. Indeed, a scary person appears and poses a threat to businesses when the printer protection is lacking. An entertaining story that helps your audience understand the importance of HP printer protection software.

Sure, there’s no money to lure a Hollywood star into the film, but you can learn enough, from specific HP techniques to B2B storytelling.

2. Microsoft

Microsoft, one of the largest groups in the world, is also one of the biggest advocates of storytelling as brand tactics. The Microsoft Stories platform introduces employees to the various departments of the agency, from researchers to video game artists and manufacturers. These strength profiles show that Microsoft is not just a large company, but a collection of certain competent people.


3. IBM

Multinational technology organizations have used storytelling for decades to humanize their businesses. Watch this television commercial that highlights the problems with American training equipment. UU and IBM’s efforts to improve American schools.  The ads are over 20 years old, but you can now pretend to tell stories of effective emblems and more.

4. Google

Google Adwords is a web advertising service that most B2B entrepreneurs already know about. Google Adword Stories is a series of videos that spotlight small businesses for changing the existence of Adwords. In a two-minute video, Google tells the moving story of a local restaurant that ran AdWords, a $ 14 million nationwide mail-order business.

5. Salesforce

Few of the major players in sales technology tell stories of a particular brand. They allow customers to share their stories with them.

The success stories page tracks customers whose organizations have grown with Salesforce. This is an easy duplication tactic for private companies. Simply contact the main customers and ask if the customer will talk about the approximate product compliance.

The lesson here is: don’t underestimate the price of a great achievement. In fact, 90% of customers who surveyed the content about the success of the buyer say they have influenced their purchase decisions.

6. Cisco

Cisco is a modern company that develops network and telecommunications devices. Although Cisco products are very complex, they use storytelling to humanize a large generation that they can offer to merchants.

A good example is Sea Change. This is the story of a racing yacht that uses many Cisco technologies to gain a competitive advantage. This submission combines a snapshot, video and written story to tell an exciting story that shows the effects of the logo’s products.

7. Boeing

Manufacturers of generations of aircraft rely on the telling of obsolete stories: press articles. Boeing publishes important information reports documenting the solutions and their use worldwide on its functions website. Although these items are offered as an alternative to promotions, we want to build the Boeing logo while maintaining this era based on modern events.

8. General Electric

Visual storytelling can make exceptional technical ideas more human and accessible, and there is no greater authority than storytelling in General Electric’s social media. GE often posts fascinating photos and movies on Instagram pages that show that complex tasks can have a big impact on our daily lives.

9. Bestdataprovider

Best Data Provider is blog formed for B2B and B2C user who can find company information and their director details.

Apart from that, User can find business and sales related article in best data provider site. Best data provider offers a high Quality and durable data to buyers. 

Certainly, we will be disappointed if we do not uncover the many ways of storytelling in our own campaign. First, our comprehensive customer success page provides specific testimonials from customers who have used the best data providers.

Narrative is also a large part of the visual content we create. Find out how recruiters track inactive candidates using ridiculous crime stories. Important point in the history of B2B brand


So when you create a delicate marketing campaign, think like a storyteller and not as a marketer. You can find ways to build deeper relationships with your target market.

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