May 20, 2024

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How to Prepare Your School-Aged Child for Harsh Weather

From the harsh summer heat to the brutal winter cold, the extreme weather that comes during certain seasons of the year can make things difficult for everyone. But it can be especially difficult when you have school aged kids that have to face the outdoors to get to class. Here are some of the best ways to prepare your child for extreme weather, no matter what type of conditions they are facing.

Preparing for Heat 

The school year typically doesn’t start late enough to avoid the summer heat. The first few months that your child is in school for the year could be spent in a heatwave. Make sure your child is prepared for excessively high temperatures with these tips:

  • Dress Them Accordingly: Dressing your child for heat at school can be annoying when it comes to dress codes. Many schools don’t allow things like short shorts, flip flops, or tank tops. Since most schools expect your kids to adhere to a certain standard of modesty, focus on dressing them in lightweight fabrics that are in light colors that don’t absorb heat.
  • Get a Water Bottle: You need to make sure your child stays properly hydrated always, but this is especially true when it gets really hot out. Sending them with a reusable water bottle in a fun and interesting print is a good way to encourage them to stay hydrated.
  • Handheld Fans: If you live in a place like Florida or Nevada, where temperatures can really climb to extremes, consider sending your child to school with a hand held fan to keep them cool.

Preparing for Rain 

If you live somewhere warmer, winter months are typically filled with bouts of rain instead of snow. If you live somewhere that usually gets rain as we head into the winter and fall, make sure that your child is prepared no matter what. Here are some things you can do to get them ready for harsh rain or thunderstorms:

  • Pack an Umbrella: Packing an umbrella in your child’s bag is a must if you live in a climate that gets regular rain. You can find a small umbrella that will fit perfectly at the bottom of your child’s bookbag. This way they are not left without one when rain hits unexpectedly.
  • Have a Contingency Plan: If your child usually walks or rides their bike home from school, have a contingency plan in place for days when the rain gets too intense for them to walk in. This could include anything from instructing them to ride the bus instead or carpooling with others that live in your neighborhood. Either way, getting your child home safely in the rain is of the utmost importance so make sure they know what to do should they find themselves in this situation.
  • Purchase a Raincoat and Boots: If you live somewhere that gets rain daily, your child should have a raincoat and boots. Have them wear their coat and boots to school during periods of excessive rain so they don’t show up to school with soggy shoes and clothes.

Preparing for Snow

If you are gearing up for a long harsh winter in a climate that gets snow, your child is going to need to be prepared to face extreme cold temperatures when they head to school. Here are some of the ways you can prepare them:

  • Get Them Proper Snow Gear: Before the snow hits, make sure that your kids have snow suits, boots, gloves, and hats that still fit them. Kids, especially the younger ones, can change sizes from year to year so it is important to check that last year’s gear still fits them comfortably.
  • Hand Warmers: For days that are particularly chilly, you can purchase hand warmers to send your child to school with. These are usually sold at convenience stores and are small enough to fit in tiny hands. They are also safe to give to children, so pack a couple of these in your child’s bag in case they need to warm up a bit.
  • Plan for Snow Days: Snow days are inevitable most years and are something that kids usually get really excited over. Parents on the other hand end up with stir crazy kids that need to be entertained indoors while they are not in school. Make sure you have some activities on hand that you can do with your kids on snow days.

Helping Your Kids Brave the Weather

Sending your kids off to school in harsh weather can be a task, but if you follow some of these tips and tricks, the process can be much smoother. No matter what time of year it is, all you need to do is spend a little bit of time preparing.