See ya, 2016


This weekend we say goodbye to 2016 and hello to 2017. Conceptually, I know that January 1st is just another day and that calendars are man-made. However, I’m a lover of celebrations and restarts, so naturally I’m excited for this symbolic weekend. What will you be doing? I hope you get in some collards and black eyed peas!

Today I’m keeping things simple with a quick look back on some fun things from break.

Over Christmas break I-

1. Finished a book: “Luckiest Girl Alive”. The language and style of this book is what made it difficult to put down. It’s got the kind of dark humor I like because it’s such a contrast from my own life. I liked the back and forth between the present and the past. I liked that details were often left out and then added later. Sadly, however, I always felt like it was building up to something major and was disappointed to see that none of the secrets ever felt like secrets. The narrator is difficult to like. She has an obsession with curating a particular image of herself but has no real aspirations for value but instead is focused on wanting attention and approval. Of course, she’s dealing with layers of pain, so it’s not difficult to empathize with her. I read this book in two or three days and enjoyed it, but I doubt I’ll remember it.
2. This is exciting- Terry and I finished our 7 year long mission to visit all 47 South Carolina State Parks. This was something we started on a whim a few months into dating (when I was 17!) and have been working on since.

We made major gains on this goal earlier in our relationship and this one last park has lingered over us for a good 2 years. It just kept getting pushed back. I’m glad we finally made the trip yesterday- it was a beautiful day for walking out in the woods and looking out at the water.

I hope one day soon I can do a summary post of our favorites. It’ll mean digging through Facebook albums to look through all the millions of photos I used to post to find ones from our park adventures.
3. Felt me heart explode. I am happy to report that I got to see two of my of my best girls, who traveled from Nashville and Venice Beach, California.
I get to see Rachel a handful of times throughout the year, but Anna even less so. Luckily they are the kind of friends that I can pick up with immediately and things feel just like they always have. Man, I am so grateful God put them in my life. (We missed you, Paige!)

4. Fell in love with rugelach cookies. Both the making and eating of these cookies made them my favorite. I used the recipe from Smitten Kitchen. My filling for the cookies was honey, chocolate chips, walnuts, cinnamon, and sugar. The cookie dough is super flaky and soft.

5. Got breakfast at my favorite spot, The Original Pancake House, with Terry and my dad.

I am doing my best to try new things when I go to a restaurant, so I went with the Swedish pancakes. They were crepe-like pancakes served with butter and lingonberry preserves.

Much yum- the runny egg on the side is a must!

Much else was accomplished- including making headway on my case study for my internship, long runs with friends, baking a million things, and making time for family. Oh yeah, and lots of Star Wars.

I hope you have a wonderful NYE. I’ll be celebrating with you somewhere with some sparkling grape juice!

So you tell me-

What are your NYE plans?

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