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Domino Ceme Online

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52 goals


Raise your hand if you had a traditional southern New Year’s feast this year!

My mother-in-law had us over yesterday for her famous barbecue plus the traditional collards and black eyed peas. At her request, I made the collards. It was my first time making them ‘southern-style’. They simmered for almost two hours with onions and pieces of ham. All the green lovers approved. capsa online I also brought the rice, which I cooked in broth from a brown sugar ham. So good. As a nutrition note, when vegetables are boiled, particularly if they are simmered for two hours, a lot of the nutrients seep out into the water. So go ahead and let the collard juice (sorry for that wording, haha) flavor the rest of your plate ;).

I think I’ll make my black eyed pea burgers with the leftover peas! Yum.

I hope everyone had a fun New Year’s Eve! At least I hope it was more fun than Mariah Carey’s NYE. We had a couple of friends over for pizza + salads + board games.

Also, I loved reading Terry’s year-end blog post. Check it out.

What do you think regarding resolutions? I think I’ve accomplished 2 in my entire life. One was reading the Bible in a year, which was very cool. The other was only drinking soda on the weekends. That backfired when I would drink like 7 diet cokes on a Saturday. Restriction just doesn’t work!

Instead of making a resolution for the year, I’ve decided to make it a goal to make a goal for each week. A goal each week = 52 TBD goals. Little goals work so much better for me. Sometimes I get overwhelmed if I think about ALL the things I have to do/accomplish over a larger period time, and I find breaking everything down helps tremendously. I had to remind myself of this constantly

My goal this week is to finish and polish my case study that I’m presenting next week. (Sorry Marina, not a SMART goal ;)). Eek! I’ll be glad when that is behind me. I’ll tell you more when it’s over.

My 52 goals will be decided on Sundays and will focus on areas I need to push myself a little more in at the time -cleaning the kitchen, going to bed at 10 pm, drinking enough water, getting my oil changed, calling a family member, or writing a hard blog post, etc. You get the idea.

And lastly… about the blog’s look. I don’t know. I don’t really like it. The font size of my previous template was annoyingly small and I can’t find a template I like very much. I’m not quite willing to pay for a template, so I’m going to keep playing around with it until I find something I like. Bear with me.

That’s it for today-

You tell me,

Have you ever tried making weekly goals?

Can you stick to year long goals?

See ya, 2016


This weekend we say goodbye to 2016 and hello to 2017. Conceptually, I know that January 1st is just another day and that calendars are man-made. However, I’m a lover of celebrations and restarts, so naturally I’m excited for this symbolic weekend. What will you be doing? I hope you get in some collards and black eyed peas!

Today I’m keeping things simple with a quick look back on some fun things from break.

Over Christmas break I-

1. Finished a book: “Luckiest Girl Alive”. The language and style of this book is what made it difficult to put down. It’s got the kind of dark humor I like because it’s such a contrast from my own life. I liked the back and forth between the present and the past. I liked that details were often left out and then added later. Sadly, however, I always felt like it was building up to something major and was disappointed to see that none of the secrets ever felt like secrets. The narrator is difficult to like. She has an obsession with curating a particular image of herself but has no real aspirations for value but instead is focused on wanting attention and approval. Of course, she’s dealing with layers of pain, so it’s not difficult to empathize with her. I read this book in two or three days and enjoyed it, but I doubt I’ll remember it.
2. This is exciting- Terry and I finished our 7 year long mission to visit all 47 South Carolina State Parks. This was something we started on a whim a few months into dating (when I was 17!) and have been working on since.

We made major gains on this goal earlier in our relationship and this one last park has lingered over us for a good 2 years. It just kept getting pushed back. I’m glad we finally made the trip yesterday- it was a beautiful day for walking out in the woods and looking out at the water.

I hope one day soon I can do a summary post of our favorites. It’ll mean digging through Facebook albums to look through all the millions of photos I used to post to find ones from our park adventures.
3. Felt me heart explode. I am happy to report that I got to see two of my of my best girls, who traveled from Nashville and Venice Beach, California.
I get to see Rachel a handful of times throughout the year, but Anna even less so. Luckily they are the kind of friends that I can pick up with immediately and things feel just like they always have. Man, I am so grateful God put them in my life. (We missed you, Paige!)

4. Fell in love with rugelach cookies. Both the making and eating of these cookies made them my favorite. I used the recipe from Smitten Kitchen. My filling for the cookies was honey, chocolate chips, walnuts, cinnamon, and sugar. The cookie dough is super flaky and soft.

5. Got breakfast at my favorite spot, The Original Pancake House, with Terry and my dad.

I am doing my best to try new things when I go to a restaurant, so I went with the Swedish pancakes. They were crepe-like pancakes served with butter and lingonberry preserves.

Much yum- the runny egg on the side is a must!

Much else was accomplished- including making headway on my case study for my internship, long runs with friends, baking a million things, and making time for family. Oh yeah, and lots of Star Wars.

I hope you have a wonderful NYE. I’ll be celebrating with you somewhere with some sparkling grape juice!

So you tell me-

What are your NYE plans?

The daily grind (WIAW)


What’s going on guys?
Today I’m sharing my eats from yesterday for WIAW. Find the rest of the good eats here!
I’m currently in week four of my dietetic internship and it is going by so fast. So far, I’ve spent my time in a long term care/rehab facility, which has been fun. I did the majority of my volunteering pre-internship in long term care, so I’ve enjoyed using the skills I learned earlier and building on those. Nutrition care for the elderly is so different from care for most other populations. The goal is for patients to have as few restrictions as possible and be able to eat food safely. We are usually encouraging patients to eat plenty and prevent weight loss.
As far as my days go, I usually wake up around 5:40 am to take the dog for a ~15 minute walk. As soon as we get back in, I start making coffee and getting breakfast together.

Breakfast: baked oatmeal with sunflower Tri7bet butter puddle -> I used my pear and chia baked oatmeal recipe but used apples from my recent apple picking trip instead of pears.

Breakfast time was spent reading over materials on tube feedings for the critically ill. Sometimes I spend the morning reading blogs and sometimes I spend it going over nutrition related things. It just depends on my mood/how motivated I am.

Once I got to my internship, I spent time doing diabetes education with a patient and attending a long meeting for treatment team, where we discuss the comprehensive treatment plans for various patients. I also got started on some notes.
By the time I had lunch, I was starving. I believe that I need to add more protein to my breakfast so that I’m not so shake-y hungry by 11. I read a research article the other day that suggested 30 grams of protein for breakfast to ensure satiety. I have about 15 grams to go…

Lunch: Egg sandwich -> two boiled eggs on hearty whole grain bread with mayo, mustard, and spinach.

Plus a glamorous side of grapes with a few walnuts. I brought cabbage to eat too, but I forgot a fork. Oops!!

I was sooo tired this afternoon. I don’t know why, but I could have used some afternoon coffee. I managed to finish two nutrition assessments with determination. I eventually walked around the unit to visit some patients, which helped to wake me up some. I really wish I had a standing desk. I think that would help some.

I was excited to get off, because after work I headed to see my very best friend. She’s in town from Nashville and I’m so excited for all the plans we have together this week while she’s here. We caught up over coffee. I had a mini dark chocolate peanut butter cup too. Yum! I joked that the coffee was only about 6 hours late. 😉

We went to dinner at a local place, Groucho’s. It’s one of her favorites and we usually hit it up when she’s in town.

Dinner: tuna salad-salad (with SO much iceberg lettuce, I couldn’t finish it), with a tangy honey mustard dressing, and crackers. Plus diet coke!

Because we’re running low on groceries, I ran by Kroger on the way home. I tried to hurry because I was missing The Voice! Lol.

I did some arm exercises and then some dishes while I watched TV. Then it was time to settle in with some dessert!

Dessert: vanilla ice cream with PEANUT BUTTER cheerios.

Funny story, I was going to buy frozen yogurt, but when I saw the ingredient list I was turned off by the long list of weird ingredients. I chose all-natural Breyers vanilla instead, which only had 5: MILK, CREAM, SUGAR, TARA GUM, NATURAL FLAVOR. Much better.

Then I stayed up about an hour later than I should have before I crashed. I’ll try better next time, okay?

So you tell me…

What do you do to beat the afternoon slump?

Favorite source of caffeine?

Apples and sleepovers

Apples and sleepovers


I keep saying I need a weekend with no plans, but I keep eagerly loading up all my weekends. Not that I mind spending time with the people I love. I suppose a mentality of WORK SO VERY HARD during the week and DO NOTHING RELATED TO WORK over the weekend is my most realistic plans.

This weekend I went apple picking with Mom’s church. We loaded up a small van with 15 people, including my godson. He and his parents have been living in Alaska while his dad served in the army for the past four years. I was happy to tote this little one on my hip all through the apple orchard. See that smile? It’s literally almost always there!

We went to Stepp Farms in Hendersonville, NC. It was packed! It was quite a warm day too, so pulling wagons and toting babies made for a real work out.

Of course, not everyone was interested in picking apples. Leaves were also a commodity…

I picked a BIG ol’ peck of apples. Mostly of my favorites, golden delicious. I can’t really eat raw apples without intense stomach cramps, so I have big plans for baking sbobet link. I’ve already made my pear chia baked oatmeal (but with apples) and an apple crisp. I made sure to stop by the store for vanilla ice cream. What is a warm apple dessert without a scoop of ice cream?

After apple picking, I drove up to Rock Hill for my friend Olivia’s birthday party. I miss seeing this girls on the regular so much, so getting together for a slumber party was exactly what I needed. We have a pretty strong group text going on, but nothing compares to quality time in person.

Aren’t they beautiful? I wore a romper my sister gave me, since it was too short for her. I think it’s funny you have to get naked to use the bathroom when you wear them, but it’s nice to only need one article of clothing.

We had dinner @ Chili’s. It was burgers in some form all around the table. I ordered the guacamole burger (with a turkey patty) and it was so good! Definitely spicy, so be warned.

The rest of the evening was spent exactly how a sleepover should be spent: dancing, laughing, and eating cake.

Now it’s back to the grind. Since my birthday is next weekend, I definitely need to follow my WORK SO VERY HARD during the week mantra. I believe in birthdays, after all 😉

So you tell me-

What did you do over the weekend?

Favorite apple dessert?